Menus: meat / fish dishes




Lamb Shawarma style Leg of lamb marinated overnight in spices and slow cooked for 5 hours producing a delicious tender meat. Can be cooked English style for a pink meat if preferred.

Lafafa Catering-1

Prawn kebab

Lafafa Catering-3

Lamb kebab


Lamb kofta Lamb meatballs with feta, pinenuts, parsley and spices in a slightly spicy tomato sauce

Lamb Kofta Meatballs with nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and simmered in a caramelized  sauce of sugar and  sour cherries

Honeyed roast chicken Free range chicken thighs marinated in olive oil, spices and rosewater topped with hazelnuts and honey


Lemon roast chicken Free range chicken thighs slow cooked with red onion, slices of lemon and sumac, topped with za’atar and fresh parsley

Roasted chicken with Pernod Chicken thighs marinated in Pernod, orange juice, lemon juice with fennel, clementines and thyme

Chicken Tagine chicken thighs with ginger, saffron and garlic slowly cooked in stock, fresh coriander and parsley, preserved lemon, olives and artichoke hearts

Chicken Tagine chicken thighs cooked slowly with cinnamon, apricots, currants and ground and flaked almonds

Breast of duck Seared, sliced with a reduced pomegranate molasses and cinnamon sauce

Mishmishhiya Tagine of slowly cooked lamb in spices with ground almonds and sharp apricots

Braised squid with fennel and potato

Braised Squid with fennel and potato

Fishcakes Smoked haddock with anchovy

Salmon Steaks Seared and served in a richly spiced and chilli tomato sauce (for small numbers)

Seared tuna seared steaks with a roasted red pepper sauce (for small numbers)

Fish Tagine white fish loins marinated in spices and coriander, cooked slowly between layers of carrot, potato, peppers and tomatoes topped with preserved lemon and olives

IMG_1164turkey burgers

Turkey and courgette mini burgers with mint and coriander with a soured cream, yoghurt and sumac dressing



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