Menus: Desserts

sweet filo cigars

Sweet filo cigars
Crushed almonds and pistachio with rosewater – lightly fried drizzled with a sweet syrup

Almond and orange Florentines
Almond flakes and orange zest biscuits

Pistachio and ginger biscotti
A thin pistachio biscuit with a hint of ginger and orange

Puddings in glasses


panacotta with stewed fruit compote

Pannacotta cardamom flavoured with compote of figs, apricots, prunes and Masala


Pannacotta orange flavoured with mini almond florentine

Chocolate mousse orange flavoured with candied orange 


Middle Eastern Mess broken meringue with rosewater cream, fresh raspberries and rose petals…


…or with cream, mango pieces and passionate fruit.


Rosewater & Raspberry Meringue

Annie decorating cake

orange and pistachio cake


Pistachio and orange cake
Flour free ground pistachio and orange cake seeped in a syrup of  sugar, orange, cardamom, peppercorns and lemon juice

Clementine and almond cake Delicious light, fragrant cake

Chocolate and almond intense dark chocolate and ground almond

lafafa sorbet and icecream - 1