Lafafa Catering in 2022

Our 2022 season is underway so here’s an update on our activities so far:

We warmed up for the season with a supper club at Crugsillick Manor for Potluck Cornwall. With a continuous mezze and a meddley of puddings it was a great sucess.

Next came a lovely private party at Godolphin house – planned for lockdown years, the birthday celebration eventually happened in April this year.

This last weekend we did a faulous wedding in North Cornwall with 165 lunchtime servings and a whooping 300 for the evening meal. After a few hiccups with the oven, all went well and we hope we managed to produce a memorable meal – there were lots of positive feedback from guests and wedding couple alike.

Wedding at Enys House


Thank you so much to Chloe and Steve for this great testimonial.  Lafafa Catering provide the food at their lovely wedding earlier this year at Enys House. Fabulous photos by Enchanted Brides (


Lindsay and Annie of Lafafa catering are an absolute joy to deal with. We had chosen a venue with no catering facilities so we were looking for a caterer that could be quite flexible and self sufficient. From the first few emails it was clear that Lafafa would be perfect. They helped us choose a selection of dishes, and we came away from a delicious tasting session with absolute confidence that our wedding breakfast would be fantastic. Lindsay met us at the venue in advance of the reception to discuss logistics and she offered loads of helpful suggestions to make the day run smoothly and to maximise our budget. The meal that Lafafa prepared for us and our 80 guests was exceptional. The salads were just as fresh and the meat just as succulent as it had been during the tasting, and some dishes even came decorated with edible flowers which Annie had matched to our colour scheme – you would never have guessed that our venue had no kitchen. We had so many compliments on the food, and particularly from the traditional ‘meat-and-two-veg’ types who had been a bit nervous about trying something different. We can’t thank the Lafafa team enough.

2017 season well underway

and not a blog post in sight!

We’ve been full on so far this season with several weddings and festivals, old and new. 2weeks ago we did a 3 day wedding at Porth an Alls, a very local venue and a fabulous wedding for the most lovely couple.

2 festivals this weekend and then another wedding the following weekend.

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